Brain question for @mike or any Liturgist nerd: So, for about over a year now, I've had this problem with weakness in the focusing mechanism in my eyes. My vision is 20/20 but will sort of go in and out of focus all day. It's gotten much worse over time, paired with a worsening brain fog/ trouble thinking clearly that's been absolute hell. Does it make any sense at all for the eye condition to affect cognition? I know this is such an obscure question, but any insight would be hugely appreciated.

@DStre @mike I'm not the nerd you're looking for, but I hope you're getting ALL the tests.

@luminesce @DStre @mike agreed, you should be checked by a dr. I have a condition that causes symptoms like this, but there are lots of other reasons it could happen! I’d go to the dr.

@DStre @mike and what you mean by focusing? Like is your vision blurry or are you having a hard time keeping your eyes pointed at what you’re looking at?

@bradyd @mike I'm 22, and it is that whatever my eyes are focused on will blur or split for a moment and then refocus. I've been really baffled by all this. Neurology sort of just ruled out anything too serious and then sent me on my way, and psychiatry prescribed me an antidepressant, but wasn't too informative either. I have an appointment with Opthalmology on monday, so hopefully I can get some answers there.

@DStre @mike any consistency with when it happens? Like stress or lack of sleep? And yeah hopefully ophthalmology can give you some answers

@bradyd @mike It's more constant throughout the day. Thanks, I hope it goes well.

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