@justincalebbryant I love Being As An Ocean so much! Underoath and BMTH too (the older stuff). Do you like Oh, Sleeper and Invent Animate? I know there are way too many bands to mention 😆

@justincalebbryant Great, I'll definitely check it out! Btw, what other hardcore bands do you like?

Saw The 1975 tonight! This song was so powerful live!
"When you bleed say so"
"I'm a designer" "Unite Pariahs" Am I a liar?"

@maryg987 I've noticed him quoting @vishnu lately. I love podcasts with Pete and Duncan, that must have been fun!

@RobertFrancis I'm not too familiar with the apophatic method, but love that way of stretching the imagination. We are striving toward a God that is always one step outside of our comprehension Thanks for the response!

@melissam Thanks for the response! God in essence and in action/ embodied is exactly what I was thinking about. I also heard Richard Rohr recently say something like, "God is a verb," but I didn't want to just steal that line.

I was appropriately writing this poem to struggle with the concept of God when the latest episode came out.

🤞 fingers crossed that the next liturgists episode is about psychedelics 🍄

@noahebenson The fact that it's someone you didn't know is strange. I'd say stay as true and authentic to your own soul and your own experience as possible. It may resonate with you or it may not. Perhaps pray about it, if that's within your practice?

@pjhendricks We'll rally around you as much as we can. Stay strong!

night terrors, spiritual warfare, new age, occult 

"When they asked the Buddha about God he would remain silent." "Thanks Buddhism"
I loved that moment 😂

aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

What exactly is the OA, and should I watch it?? I just finished watching Crashing, which was great, and am looking for a new show

mental illness and prom 

@martaparta I should say 4 and 5 were the most common, not the majority of listeners

@martaparta If I remember right, in the enneagram episode, Mike said that the majority of listeners were 4 and 5, which makes a lot of sense because of individualists' tendency to reject the status quo, and thinkers' natural desire to work through what is true.

@bradyd @mike It's more constant throughout the day. Thanks, I hope it goes well.

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