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Just saw new podcast with Richard Rohr posted! I'm excited

Does anyone else feel like they develop more intimate bonds with voices on podcasts than than real-life relationships? Especially of the spiritual genre. Or maybe I'm just a loner🤔

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Our school superintendent removed a transgender boy, Dex Frier, from the prom king ballot at my son's high school here in our very conservative county in northeast Georgia. I'm very proud of the kids who started this petition to allow Dex to remain as a male member of Johnson High School's Prom Court.

I first heard this poem on a podcast and it absolutely moved me to tears

Hello all, I am an introspective, shy, textbook enneagram 4 who has entered into a very destabilizing past few years and the liturgists have played a role in keeping me afloat. I am passionate about creativity and ideas but struggle to find my voice and a community. Thank you Liturgists for offering a sense of belonging!

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