Hey, I'm moving to Grand Rapids soon and frankly super frightened and worried about finding community, are there any liturgists folks up there?

If you are home alone this morning while everyone you live with is at church, take this morning to take care of yourself. Make yourself great coffee, wash you hair, whatever you need to do. Care for the image of god yourself.

This might not be groundbreaking, but I'm realizing that often, when evangelicals from the US express thankfulness for freedom of religion, they really mean freedom for their version of Christianity.

Welp, I have a paper to write. Happy tooting, you lovely people.

This is, by the way, the most wholesome, gorgeous thing I've seen on the internet in quite some time.

Hi, I am Maddie. I am lots of things, probably, but mostly I'm a 3w4, a student at a wildly conservative Bible college, which is... challenging, and I bet lots of you know what that might be like. I like to write music, kayak, and study counseling, and I'm a big fan of hanging out with people. I'm realizing more and more that is a whole lot I don't understand, and I'm happy to be at this table.

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