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I did extensive research and then educated my peers on trans Healthcare as a straight, biracial, cisgender male BECAUSE it is not the responsibility of our future trans patients to educate us or the responsibility of our one trans friend.

When trans patients have to educate their providers they are more likely to delay care with ANY provider next time they are sick. I'm not trying to TOOT my own horn but give an example of good allyship & how to use privilege, help, and stay in your lane.

I just did a webinar for mental health providers to educate them on providing better care for transgender folks. I think people in mental health want to do a good job, but as someone finishing up a Doctorate degree, we don't get enough education on sexuality, sexual health, lgbtq+ specific care, or working with gender dysphoria. I think it went well and the level of interest was heartening.

2. If science and evolution give you a sense connectedness, wonder, and awe, then you should...

3. Give the newest Radio Lab a listen. The moment that I had, of extreme resonance, elation, and laughter happened that the moment they say


Here is the link:

4. If you happen to listen then let me know. I decided to buy a book all about the topic on Audible.

I just had a scientifically driven moment of transcendence and I thought this would be a great place to share.

1. I really like the idea that Rob Bell shares all the time, that "Joy is the engine of the universe." This is not an assertion, I just enjoy it. I would also say that Beauty, Desire, and Choice are all closely linked to Joy. If that idea resonates with you then...


Met a fellow Liturgists person in real life through Mastadon yesterday. 10/10 would do it again, you are all amazing people!

I keep seeing people asking what the best app is to view mastadon. I don't know. I have been using Chrome on my phone with the notifications turned on and find that it works really well, everything seems to work as intended, and I don't see a reason to branch out.

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