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I’ve heard a lot of folks express a lack of community post deconstruction. If that’s the place you’re in, you should check out I edit the podcast and am one of the facilitators in Denver. We have 7-8 other groups across the country with the goal of building communities across difference. If you’re interested in attending or starting a group check the website and contact us. If you’re in the Denver area you can hit me up.

I haven't been on here in a little while. What's new?!

Super last minute for the early bird ticket deadline, but If you’re in Colorado and enjoy conversations across wisdom traditions, come to this event Brew Theology is hosting on May 4th. Beer is included in your price! More info at

What has been the biggest change in your spirituality or worldview?

Anyone else reading Richard Rohr’s Universal Christ book? What are your thoughts so far?

Richard Rohr 

Will anyone else be reading his new Universal Christ book out in March?

Update: it was so healing to meditate with my body again in community. And the instructor was from Chile! What practices help you find your way back to your body?

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Going to be practicing Yoga for the first time in 3 years tonight 💀


Anyone congregate today and find it spacious, life-giving, and peace-full?

Enjoying a slow Saturday in one of my favorite coffee shops:

^ That’s Caishen by the way, not Gautama Siddhartha. And the previous cave temple has a carving of Guan Yin. Buddhism varies by geographical location and can get complex and bizarre very quickly. Learn more about those two here:

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Since everyone is suddenly Buddhist now, here is a photo I took at a tiny Buddhist temple in China. That same day I spoke with a Buddhist monk who encouraged me to join him and countless others in praying for peace. He said this after finding out I was American and said they were praying more because of Trump.

Technical question for @mike or anyone else who may know. When we upload photos on here, is meta data removed from the photo like imgur uploads?

If anyone wants to treat themselves (or someone else), I recommend this coffee roaster in Boulder, CO. You can buy bags online. They are big on conservation efforts as well as empowering women (who make up most of the work-force in the world of coffee, yet have little to no ownership).

Coffee lovers: what’s everyone drinking this morning? I’m making my last cup of Cat & Cloud’s Chelba (Natural Process). Beans from Irgachefe, Ethiopia, roasted in Santa Cruz, CA.

Anyone else shocked by how many people have joined this instance in the last two weeks? 😳

The internet is wild. We talk to strangers everyday.

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Came across this yesterday and loved it. A better way of supporting your hurting friends!

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