@mike Thanks Mike. Real supportive community you’ve got going here 😩

@Dan I have some extroverted tendencies but certainly not extroverted. I don’t mind doing talks or group therapy but I’m exhausted afterward and retreat quickly into my quiet office.

@CounselorChris the older I get the more introverted I am becoming, but overall, I’d say I still get a burst of energy when I’m with people. Even if I crash and burn toward the end. It’s complicated.

@Dan I mean... 5's second in my tritype...

...but I'm commenting so the 9 is obviously dominant.

@Dan I'm a '5' who used to think I was introverted, but now I'm pretty sure that I was just depressed. The more I pull myself out of the funk, the more extroverted I've become. I also worked night shift for 5 years in my early 20s, and became more introverted almost by necessity through that. Now that I'm back in daylight, I've been able to re-acclimate myself to being around people.

@Xian Sorry to hear that. Glad you’re feeling more like yourself now.

@Dan OK, how do you add GIFS...? Can’t do that right now.....

@JamesP77 Hello James, what operating system are you using? On iOS it looks like only the paid apps (Toot! And Mast) make it easy to add gifs.

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