My brother-in-law Andrew Drake wrote a book about being single that is such a treat. It would make a fun summer read. (Andrew is basically Larry David, real funny) Treat yourself to a good book:

STL Liturgists meet up 

If you're around St. Louis this weekend, we're getting together at the Blue Duck Saturday at 7:30 pm. All are welcome!

Hey all, I'm needing some job ideas for a former creative arts pastor. I've only ever worked at churches, but Im going to fully transition out of that work by the end of the year. I'd love some ideas for companies and/or jobs that match my skill set. Would love to know what others have done. Any help would be appreciated. Skills:

- Musician (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums)
- Guitar Teacher
- Songwriter
- Writer / Creative
- Video Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Pocast and Youtube Channel Experience

I couldn't care less about your theological views. What I do care about is your heart and how you treat people.

On the fourth day he created the grain in the fields.
On the fifth day he created the sheep in the pastures and wood of the forrest.
On the sixth day he realised there were still no bricks and offerred 2 grain to trade.
Realising there was noone to trade with he created Man, who produced bricks and took the deal for grain.
On the seventh day finally God was able to build a settlement.
Then he surveyed all he had made and thought I should go for the longest road.

All About Love Chapter 1 

"Love is as Love does." "What we cannot imagine cannot come into being."
I'm drawn over and over to this idea of incarnation. Our words and ideas have the power to come alive.

John Mayer got it right: "Love Is A Verb. It ain't a thing. It's not something you hold. It's not something you scream. When you show me love, I don't need your words. Love ain't a thing. Love is a verb."

I think I’m going to take a page out of Searching for Sunday and visit wildly different churches all over the spectrum (and sometimes just stay home) for a good long while. Stay open to all kinds of experiences, beliefs and perspectives. Intentionally not stay put for a while. I think it will be good for me and my spiritual practice.

Incarnation of Christ 

Christ is a Divine idea incarnated - made flesh. We are made in the image of the Divine - and that image is creativity. We have the power to become like Christ and like the Divine by imagining a new and better world, and then incarnating those ideas by the way we live and love. Words/Ideas can become flesh. And all of us can do this equally, especially if we stop arguing, hating, and judging each other. Because those behaviors are incarnating a different world.

“The point of the Christian life is not to distinguish oneself from the ungodly, but to stand in radical solidarity with everyone and everything else. This is the intended effect of the Incarnation - symbolized by the cross, God’s great act of solidarity instead of judgement.” - Richard Rohr

All About Love Introduction 

Some great points and insights here. Enjoying this book already and Im not even out of the introduction.

Be humble because you are made of the mud; be noble because you are made of the stars.

The Bible / God 

Working on a book on the Bible. Wrote this this morning:

We all instinctively know that if God is real, then He (or She) is not some swimming pool's worth of revelation. She is an endless ocean, stretching beyond the horizon in every direction, and we are drifting, surrounded, and consumed by its size, power and grandeur.

Yet some of us treat the Bible as if God built us a swimming pool, filled it with a little bit of “holy water” and said, “Enjoy. But thats all you get.”

post 3

3. Jesus of Nazareth was a real person. Jesus is the LOGOS, the Messiah, and the embodiment of the Cosmic Christ. He is the incarnation of the Divine idea. But he is not the only incarnation of Divine ideas, nor is he "the only way to God". He may or may not LITERALLY be Divine, or the Son of God, or have risen from the dead, but there is hope in his teachings that we can usher in a kingdom of love, acceptance, joy, peace, redemption, and resurrection for all.

Mastodon is great for many reasons, but my favorite thing so far is I don't have to worry about my mom tagging me in a highly conservative or super sappy facebook post.

Hey everybody,
we are interviewing an author on our podcast tonight about his work on the book of Revelation. I’d love to get some feedback, perspectives, and questions from you if interested. You don't have to answer all 4.

1. What questions do you have about the book of revelation?

2. What are some of the most unhelpful ways to read and interpret the book?

3. What are the most helpful ways to read the book?

4. What have been the most helpful things you’ve gotten out of the book?

Do good - whenever you can, wherever you can, for whoever you can. You’ll feel better afterwards. 🖤✌🏽❤️

Stop your scroll

Release the tension in your jaw

Take 3 deep breaths, paying attention to ever second. in and out.

Ask your body "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Ask your heart "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Take the answers seriously and honor them as best you can.

I highly recommend Russian Doll on Netflix. Female lead/director/writers/EP. It's so bingy, you could definitely watch it in just a few hours.

@mrhurricanefred that was mind blowing. Wow!! We have so much science and logic yet there’s this to creation that just can’t be described or explained. The keeps me inspired!

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