My brother and I were talking two nights ago and I wanted to share the takeaway from our conversation: We're tired of pastors over emphasizing Bible reading. It often becomes the only application point in sermons. What if we emphasized love in action instead? What if we used scripture as a tool to educate us, motivate us and shape us toward living out love? But most sermons are like a friend encouraging us to read "How to go on a date" over and over and never actually... Go on a date.

@DanDrake my uncle is a pastor, and recently we went on a backpacking trip. As not to totally freak him out, I hid some of my more "unorthodox" ideas, but even some of my less "heretical" thoughts scared him more than I thought they would. Every time we talked about where these ideas came from, I would mention an author, or a podcast. He kept repeating go back to the bible. But my thoughts now are that my hermenutic is so messed up that I'd leave the faith if that were the case.

@PearBear @DanDrake Your hermeneutic is not messed up, friend. It’s being enriched and informed by a multitude of viewpoints, much like Scripture itself. People who exclusively push one viewpoint can’t understand that. Whether you “leave” Xtianity or not, you are on a path to a healthier and more wondrous engagement with life!


@Philexvy @PearBear Right! I've found some people that are receptive to my heresy lol, but I've had to learn to be very careful with whom I share certain thoughts. Also - I have a friend who is on a similar path, but is able to just be perfectly honest about it to everyone (something I am jealous of) because he doesn't feed his family by working at a church. A lot of the church people I talk to are "concerned" about him and ask me to "talk to him". I just tell him he's on the right track. 😂

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