My brother and I were talking two nights ago and I wanted to share the takeaway from our conversation: We're tired of pastors over emphasizing Bible reading. It often becomes the only application point in sermons. What if we emphasized love in action instead? What if we used scripture as a tool to educate us, motivate us and shape us toward living out love? But most sermons are like a friend encouraging us to read "How to go on a date" over and over and never actually... Go on a date.

@DanDrake Yes! And it would be nice if we used scripture (the bible) as a tool to emphasize love in action but we also emphasize that it’s not the only scripture. My foundation is still Christ but Buddhists Jews and others have some good things to say.

@Tonyward great point. I believe in the inspiration of scripture, but I don't think inspiration is limited to the Christian scriptures. The spirit of the Divine is the spirit of creativity itself. This is the image in which we were created. And true wisdom is universal to man. No matter which tradition it comes from.

@DanDrake @Tonyward I might even that that a bit farther and say that Jesus made no sense to me outside of his Jewish context. And the idea of God makes a whole lot more sense from the lens of Buddhism. It’s not just that there is wisdom outside of Christianity; we NEED it to keep us out of the Greco-Roman empire trap.

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