Social media purging and "purity" 

If deleting completely helps you, delete. If cutting back helps you, cut back. If spending the same amount of time but being more selective about what you read helps, do that.

For me, I have to fight the old religious urge that tells me that I'm "impure" if I use these "evil" sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I still may delete my accounts over there, but I don't want to do it out of some unhealthy religious compulsion.

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Social media purging and "purity" 

Friends, I want to caution myself and others to avoid being "religious" about deleting social media accounts.

Many (most?) of us are here because Science Mike invited us to a platform that could serve as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

I've seen a few posts that say things to the effect of "Am I supposed to completely delete Facebook?" Please remember, you're not *supposed* to do anything. Do what's helpful for you.


Has there ever been an ASM ep about how/why the "progressive"/"deconstructing" community seems to be overwhelming White?

A few of us were musing about that here a couple days ago.

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