Our souls & minds are starving for deep, rich, open, authentic, stimulating, meaningful, intellectual, spiritual conversations; yet we often choose to remain in silence. This community has allowed the breaking of silence. So grateful for it & all of you in this collective/family! 🖤✌🏽❤️

@Daryn That's why I am so drawn to the podcast and to @mike, @vishnu, @hillarymcbride, @WilliamMatt22 & lisa because they're having the important conversations; they don't always agree with each other, and that's okay because they still welcome dialogue. This is a powerful expression of love and a step towards "Shalom" that this world needs.

@WolfDreamer @Daryn @mike @vishnu @hillarymcbride @WilliamMatt22
Yes, that’s one of the first things I loved about the “progressive Christian” community was that you could have differing opinions without being shut down as someone dangerous who is sowing discord. I feel I can share here without being shut down.

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