So after realizing most people on here are pretty into the enneagram, I found out that I'm a 2w1, which has been such an insight for me! I feel less alone! Anyone wanting to share their experiences, new or old, with me?

@leandrabeing Have you discovered Sleeping at Last’s Enneagram songs yet? He’s written and recorded a song for each number. I listened to them all, and thought “yah, these are nice songs”, until getting to “5”, during which I instantly turned into a weepy mess. That’s when I knew I was a 5. :)

He’s released 1 through 7, and 8 comes out on February 15th!

@erik thank you so much for sharing about this!
I got through the first 40 seconds of the 2 song and immediately went, "nope! Too much feels!" I will listen again when I have the emotional strength to handle that much tenderness 💜

@leandrabeing You’re welcome! I totally get it. Once you’re able to listen to the 2 song, check out his podcast - he has one for each song, and explains in great detail all the super-intentional choices that go into each, to ensure they all best capture the essence of each type.


@erik @leandrabeing why? Just why?? Why did I read the convo which made me check out the website? Why did I listen to Enneagram 1, 2, & 3 followed by my #4? What have you done to me?!? 😂😪🖤✌🏽❤️

I know what both you and @erik are talking about! I'm a 5 with a heavy 4 wing and the weird dissociative split that is my existence was perfectly captured by the combination of those songs - thus turning me into a weepy mess.

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