Did anyone ever do a “Christian Culture Burn Party”? Much like they used to do in youth group/camp when they would (force you to) toss “evil” mainstream cds or books into the hellfire.... but instead toss CCM, purity culture or Left Behind books? No? Just me? Ok.

@DrewBrown no. I didn’t want to honor those writings. A lot I sold or gave away. Driscoll and Grudem went straight into the recycle bin.

@DrewBrown I kept Piper’s “Desring God” for a number of reasons.

1. I only just read it as a challenge to read differing perspectives and learn from them and not just argue w/ them.

2. It has my crazy man rantings all over it so if I ever go Michael Douglas “Falling Down” off the rails they can blame Piper as an instigating factor.

3. I think it looks funny being near Palahniuk books on my shelf.

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