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The gender of the day is a relaxed bee.

“I would like- I almost called him Captain Mike. I would like Science Mike and Vishnu to watch Endgame and discuss it on AATR.”
Words from @winter


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I should sleep but that would involve sleeping

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The Gay Agenda™️
Alt. Caption: “Look mom. We match”

Drink some water cause that is a nice thing for you probably

If god is all knowing, then they know all the words to the Vine compilations.

I sometimes just like to casually mention that I’m really gay (pansexual but shh) because this is the only app I have where judgmental humans I know in real life do not follow me.

I realize I only follow eight people. I should probably follow more humans but it feels odd to stalk people’s profiles before I decide whether I’d like to follow them or not, but just following random people doesn’t seem like a good plan either. Life is full of too many insignificant decisions that are probably actually significant.

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Boost if you have dabbed at least once in 2019. Wether in complete secrecy or publicly.

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