@mike, the story you shared at the beginning of the latest liturgist podcast was so powerful. I was literally in tears. I know what that feels like. Thank you for sharing and being so open with yourself and experiences. You're an inspiration.

Took a spill while long boarding today. Note to self - always wear gloves.

I'm really liking my new shoes! I A good pair of footwear is great when you got little ones to keep up with.

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For those who consider themselves nerds on any topic, what's a nerdy rabbit-hole you’re currently exploring?

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Meditate for 10 minutes. Try a guided meditation if you have trouble staying focused.

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I had to remind my wife that day-drinking has been acceptable since November of 2016.

I picked my son up from his crib this morning, much like I do every morning. He's eight months old, and recently he's started to snuggle my shoulder when I get him. I love it. There will be a day when I pick him up for the last time and I will blissfully unaware in that moment that I'll never do this again. I try to value and be fully aware of life's little moments. I'm not always successful, but this morning I was.

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