@DrewBrown I like Mast. Others like Amaroq or Toot!. None are as polished as the web interface.

@alannah OH!!! I don't know that one. I must check it out. THANKS!!!!

@DrewBrown I have been using Mast and really like it but it does cost.

@mikeydubs thanks man. Trying to find the best option. Crossing my fingers for a free one that doesn't suck. LOL!

@tannerlee Ok! Gonna try that one out tonight. Thinking about grabbing a few and comparing.Thx!!!

@DrewBrown toot is what I’m using. Tootdon is ok but you can’t GIF and that’s half of how I communicate sooooo

@Leah SAME. I need GIFs. It's my second language.. AND my love language. ;)

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