TOOT!!!! Teeheehee. Can’t stop giggling. I’ll change my bio. Hi.... I’m Drew and I’m 10 years old. I like Teen Titans and Toot jokes. Wait. That’s actually me tho.

@DrewBrown hey teen titians isn't just a 10 year old thing! Have you seen DC's Titans? Glad you're here! Welcome!

@DrewBrown Right! DC is getting a little on the violent side. We use to watch young justice with out 5 year old, along with the old superman and Batman, but it has become so violent! Nice to find another DC fan.

@Joy_concepcion Super violent!! Which caught me off guard... but then... i really liked it. If i could toss a GIF in this toot.... it would be a one. ;)

@DrewBrown I hav
E to admit, im fine with it at this point. I just got caught up to young justice introducing cyborg, which I am super happy about but it is unfornate we cant share it with out daughter just yet. We are trying to expose our child to non white superheros.

@Joy_concepcion That is a great idea. Black Panter was huge for me kids. Especially my daughter seeing those incredible women in the Dora Milaje. That left a huge impression on her.

@Leah you truly are the best. move your family to Ontario please.

@Leah Settled then. I'll begin house and job hunting for y'all.

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