@DrewBrown Tootin’ out music here in Austin. You got a website?

@Calebjmurphy I do.. but it is in a serious need of an overhaul www.drewbrownmusic.com

@DrewBrown I’m a song player but the writing of a song is SOOO DANG SCARY and I admire you all who do it.

@DrewBrown how does the process work for you? I’m always secretly envious of people doing music full time. 🎶❤️

@Leah it involves a lot of soul mining and emotional/mental therapy. sometimes its just venting or wishing something into existence. mostly its scribbling down a bunch of words or melodies that will only make sense later or the next day. LOL.

@DrewBrown that’s so amazing. And brave. I’m glad you do this.

@Leah Brave or a glutton for punishment. Not sure which one yet. LOL. But yeah... I'm so thankful for the ability to do this. And aware that all things must come to an end at some point.

Heckin yeah! Always scribbling away over here. What do you like to write about?

@Pixie Hmm... nothing much. Just the endless black pool of fear-soaked misery and self-destructive torment which is my heart. Y'know.. the usual stuff. 😂 How bout you?

Oh, I usually rage against capitalism and consumerism, with a croon or two about women thrown in there

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