Man oh man. Sleeping At Last does it again. Anyone else into his tunes?

@DrewBrown “I'm turning out the lights,
To remember how to see;
Until a renaissance takes place,
And resuscitates the color of paint and divinity” 😔🖤

@DrewBrown I am REALLY looking forward to the Nine episode! 😄

@DrewBrown Wow THANK YOU for sharing this. I'm a 6 and have been dealing with some real heavy life and death health shit as of late and my mind spirals out of control into some very fearful dark places.

I just listened to Six and now I'm at my desk at work crying like a baby! 😂 😂 😂

@skyroach I get it. crying while listening is a VERY normal response. Lol. So so good. I hope some light spills into those dark places. 🖤

@DrewBrown he is incredible, passion driven artist. His enneagram saga has help me relate to those who hold different numbers and helped me to understand myself more too

@DrewBrown his stuff is great. The series of his is so cool. My wife is a 5 and the song he did for that number is so accurate. It’s one of my favorites. I’m waiting for number 9 😜

@DrewBrown I've never heard of him but I'm intrigued. However his body of work doesn't fit the box i am used to lol. Where should I start listening?

@nathanc @DrewBrown I don't actually know his older stuff at all, but everything Atlas is fantastic. I started with his Enneagram songs / podcast and worked back into other Atlas projects.

@Eltee @nathanc his older stuff is solid. but different. Worth checking it out if you love guitar based stuff.

@nathanc Hmm. I started listening to him/them back in 2003. Very Radiohead meets Smashing Pumpkins. So I would start as it moved from band to artist vibe - "Storyboards". Brilliant album!

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