Did anyone ever do a “Christian Culture Burn Party”? Much like they used to do in youth group/camp when they would (force you to) toss “evil” mainstream cds or books into the hellfire.... but instead toss CCM, purity culture or Left Behind books? No? Just me? Ok.

@antmantbone now..... we all need to do that. The process of destroying (with our own hands) the chains we carried is huge. BUT.... what Nadia did was a friggin delight to see. Can’t stop laughing.

@DrewBrown I have gotten rid of both my Christian culture and diet culture books. Actually I have them in a pile of stuff to donate. Maybe I’m spreading the untruth????

@mistyinwpg my knee-jerk (and probably hyper-emotional) reaction is to burn them alllllll now!!! Stop the lies from spreading!!! 😂😂 But good call. Donation is the environmentally/physically safer way.

@DrewBrown @mistyinwpg I've started to get comfortable with the idea that there are some books that are best off in the recycling bin! Maybe they were even pre-destined to end up there... 🤔

@DrewBrown haha, not quite BUT my wife and I did do a huge book culling this past solstice which was driven by how many Evangelical books we realized we had and would never use again.

@jkalt “The Culling”. I like it. And on solstice too!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

@anne seriously. In quite a few Christian cultures in USA/Canada... leaders would ask young people to destroy anything that wasn’t “Christian”. For example Harry Potter books, Nirvana posters... etc. It was controlling, abusive and dumb.

@DrewBrown no. I didn’t want to honor those writings. A lot I sold or gave away. Driscoll and Grudem went straight into the recycle bin.

@DrewBrown I kept Piper’s “Desring God” for a number of reasons.

1. I only just read it as a challenge to read differing perspectives and learn from them and not just argue w/ them.

2. It has my crazy man rantings all over it so if I ever go Michael Douglas “Falling Down” off the rails they can blame Piper as an instigating factor.

3. I think it looks funny being near Palahniuk books on my shelf.

@DrewBrown It wouldn't that much of a stretch that anyone would go full on "falling down" pushing the views of Piper and his leg humpers to their logical ends ;-)

@DrewBrown I emptied my library of dozens of books, and put them straight into a dumpster so that no one would pick them up at a thrift store and be harmed by them.

@DrewBrown yup I was at one of those in Buffalo at the ripe age of 12...I had never been in a cult until that moment. Cult of persuasion and Cult of giving power to external things, just because you are terrified. The fire was huge and super cool and really bad for the environment and really bad for my soul. But still it was fire in a pkg lot of a church in the downtown of Buffalo. Supercool. I was 12. It would've been cooler though if when it ignited we all turned our backs and walked away

@DrewBrown oh goodness why have I never done this. Way back in the day I threw out my whole Harry Potter series and it still MAKES ME MAD. Goals this week are to purge the bookshelf. 🙌🏼

@DrewBrown not yet :) Ha!

But I can say that every record (that I smashed and threw away after being told I was a lukewarm christian for listening to secular music) has since been replaced.

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