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When you're an Enneagram 4 and someone chooses you for a super cool project.

Ok. Thanks to Amazon Prime..... I’m set. I may not finish it this month. (Cause I’m THAT guy that HAS to read 6 books at once. Uggggggh!) But I’m ready to dive into some great convos about this book. 🖤🖤🖤

for :

I feel like the liturgists will enjoy this one.

How Long 'til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemison is onsale as an ebook for $4.99 today.

N.K. Jemison is an amazing author, and this is her most recent release-a collection of short stories inspired by her realization that poc seem to be missing from sci fi, wondering if poc have a place in dreams of the future.

Activism is science fiction-it forces us to imagine a future better than our present.

It’s Black History Month, but we’ve gotta talk about the going on right now and meet the lives of our students today. Please consider donating to and tell those kids with your curriculum that you see, love, and value their lives right here and right now, every month and every day.

Day 2 of my . Using Tootdon. Amazing interface. But no GIFs. And I’m going through some withdrawals. I can feel the tears welling up now. Don’t take my GIFs away from me. Please....

Today’s reminders:

-unclench your jaw
-breathe deeply
-check your posture
-drink water
-check-in with your body & heart (where are you tight? what are you holding onto? where are you tense? anxious?)
-keep breathing
-love no matter what

Good morning crew. I hope that you find the hope, connection and pause that you need today. Happy Tuesday.

TOOT!!!! Teeheehee. Can’t stop giggling. I’ll change my bio. Hi.... I’m Drew and I’m 10 years old. I like Teen Titans and Toot jokes. Wait. That’s actually me tho.

@mattwiebe WINNIPEG!!! Spent a few years there myself. Thanks for connecting.

If anyone is looking for that can be a spiritually minded soundtrack - allow me to offer this playlist.. (and feel free to offer suggestions as well):

So.. is a great interface but no GIFs. And GIFs is my spiritual language....... so........ bye.

I'm a grown ass man... and I can't help but giggle every time I type or see or press "TOOT"!!! Every. Single. Time. Teeheehee.

: A musician/producer/dad outside of Toronto, Canada. Working on the long game of deconstruction and mental/spiritual health much like many of us are. A 4w5. Trying to find new ways to build and inspire hope in local communities. And creating spiritual content for people trying to/struggling to stay connected to spiritual communities thru a project called Hymns For The Architect. (Did I do this right? Might delete later. 😜 )

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