Art is an object
Art is not an object
Art is not, not an object

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, part 2

I've been lurking in the shadows of this community for quite a while (started listening back in the science, art, and faith days), but I've not been particularly communicative, myself. I've treated the Spanish language the same way: I want to learn, so I get close to Spanish conversations and listen as much as I can. My comprehension level is good, but I'm nervous that when I start to talk I'll look like a dork, so I don't. Aiming to change that (in Spanish and here).

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I just made the mistake of trying to engage the visual among us without a picture. Sorry! See above TOOT. Toot toot (the novelty has not yet worn off, toot toot!)

Are there any painters out there? I'm very new here and don't have enough followers to start up a or directory. So, if you wanna chat about colour liturgy or christ's representation in the arts or an atheist's relationship to beauty follow me and let's start one!

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