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emotional stuff 

yesterday, my best friend gave me a gift for my birthday. reading the card, and seeing her eagerly watch me open it, I struggled to keep back the sobs. for the first time since my husband, I saw that someone truly loves me, and I didn't know how pleasant that felt. all my life, I had lots of best friends, but was never someone's best friend. I loved and cared for my friends so deeply, but the effort was never shared. I was always expendable, kept tucked away for when needed.

just a quick reminder, in case you forgot, that all ladies' are sexy. you a lady? you sexy. I'll fight anyone who disagrees.

carry on, my sexy goddesses ✌✌✌✌🤙🤙🤙🤙

new hashtag, trying it on for size.

as I say "porn is like eating a GMO factory farmed chicken egg, sure its yummy, but it's also mass produced. Cuckholding is like eat an organic, fresh out the butt chicken egg from your beloved pet chicken" that's a direct quote, please pay me $5 for every use of it. 😁😁😁😁😁

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update on my cannanutter....
I had a teaspoon on toast this morning. in my mind i thought "it's my easy classes today, I'll be fine"
shit man.
I'm flying! this stuff is strong.

I'm currently in Jamestown, VA. I'm kind of sad to see all Native actors portrayed by white people. are there any of you that have been here? what do you think of it? If you are Native American, how would you feel about a historic tourist attraction with white people playing all the village peoples?

does anyone else have a different name for themselves when they're high, drunk or whatever?
Drunk Me: Theresa
High Me: Andrea

Am I Oppressed? as told by the church 

1. did you hold the majority of your population in your town?
you could be oppressed.
2. have members of your congregation asked to be treated as equals?
you could be oppressed.
3. after colonizing nearly the whole world, have you noticed people fighting back?
that's the tell tale sign of end times
4. do people oppose your views?
let's face it, the church is under attack.

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Where does a mansplainer get his water? 

From a "WELL, actually . . . "

girls on tinder are so forward! I'll be like "hi" and they're "what are you here for? I'm only here for casual sex. when are free? I'm at your house"

I love it though

@vishnu do you know theres a sesame street named Gungor? ya'll related?

trying my hand at cannabutter. any of you potheads have any suggestions/tips for a beginner? I'm trying to move away from smoking, and trying to transition into edibles. 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

not every one moves through deconstruction and reconstruction at the same pace. I find myself trying to push past this current state of "nothing matters" and "there is nothing else but this" because my husband has, himself, moved past this. I fight to keep from feeling like I'm dragging behind. where I am at is necessary. I will get to a point where I find purpose in life again. just not right now. and that's ok.

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gay memes all day 

or for the family who does know I get "but you're not really gay, you're with a guy!" or even better "as long as you dont act on it" 😑😑😑

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