Ohhh babies cutting teeth are fun. It's going to be a long day.

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Church Camp 

Had to take two of the kids for allergy tests. Not having the greatest day so far.

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As much as i wish they didn’t have to, it’s real refreshing to be on mastodon and seeing admins and users badgering and blocking fascists and misguided free-speech advocates. It really demonstrates that there is agency in this community that doesn’t exist on corporately owned/influenced platforms. We can squash these cockroaches, rather than just having to watch them mill about in the corners of our rooms. #nt

Sitting down watching the Wu-Tang doc of mics and men.

Have you guys seen the new grinch movie? Well the part where the grinch is walking through the alley in whoville and all the carolers pop out of the windows singing to him that's what my anxiety does when I'm in highly populated public places.I go full tilt and it sucks

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"I notice that the people who are afraid of machine super-intelligence are almost exclusively white men. I don't think anxiety about AI is really about AI at all. I think it's some white men's displaced anxiety upon realizing that women and people of color have and have always had sentience, and are beginning to act on it on scales they're unprepared for. There's a reason that AI is almost exclusively gendered as female."


Well let's try this again. Dang kids. I doubt my tea is still warm but meh...

It’s taken almost a year, but I am almost Google free.

Today's feels
Listening to I’m In I’m Out and I’m Gone, by Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite 🎵

On the tails of @mike political science discourse. It's scary to see what we are seeing. I've started listening to the podcast it could happen here. It talks about the negative results of a Trump impeachment the revolt of his base as well as the far lefts revolt. How this current situation can walk us directly into a second civil war.

As Fyodor Dostoevsky remarked, the realist finds no difficulty in accepting the existence of miracles. We ourselves may have progressed only a short way upon the path of the Jesus Prayer, but it is a path that leads out of time into eternity, and out of space into infinity.

Well I heard from my disability advocate today. Gave her my new dr’s and such. Hopefully this is a good sign of them leaning towards approval. Gosh I hope so we need the money so bad.

I don't know how many times I've seen this series beginning to end. It's one of my favorite all time series.

The wife's never watched this all the way through. So this is what we're doing for R&R.

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