So in light of the Journaling topic in @mike @hillarymcbride do any of you use journals? Physical? Apps or other

@Er3mos @mike @hillarymcbride I've journalled on and off since my teens. Mainly for thinking things through rather than organisation. Last year I tried bullet journalling because my memory and focus really seemed to take a nosedive for a period. It's stuck and I've found it very useful and flexible. Easy to incorporate unstructured things like morning pages and more structured self-reflection, study, book summaries etc. I'm analogue because I'm a stationery and pen fiend.

@luminesce @mike @hillarymcbride I've just started this past year. When my family and I ended up homeless last September I knew I need a running list of things. I starter with physical journals since getting back on our feet I have migrated to apps. Day one mostly but there's also a video one I've been using too. That puts live photos or 3 sec clips into a calendar for me.

@Er3mos @mike @hillarymcbride oh wow, that video one sounds interesting. What's it called please?

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