Probably the main impetus for me to move to the city is so that I can make friends with people who would actually use cool technology like this with me:

@silas I wish Ubuntu would have done more with their mobile os. Even running custom android builds I don't trust the gaps packages. The info they gather is not ok. I use as little Google products as possible on ios.

@Er3mos Yeah, I'm hoping that gets stable enough. Android is Google's billion(s) dollar bet that they can harvest data from us at all times.

I'm thinking about getting Purism's Librem 5. But I'm afraid it'll become another abandoned linux phone project. :/

I think you'd really enjoy Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism" if you haven't read it already.


@silas I’ll check it out for sure. I’m with you on the Linux phones. Hopefully Google pulling Huawei’s android license will wake up the others to you can loose all that you have buil any moment google so wishes.

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