@JessieGinger you’re correct though. We don’t look to words for flesh. If he is the word made flesh he fulfills the word which he states he is. So we can no longer look at these words the same when we have a living example.

@Corina I feel like this could be a powerful exercise on psychedelics.

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Christmas mention 

A modern reimagining of A Christmas Carol in which Bob Cratchet leads the effort to form a union rather than relying on the changed heart of a rich man

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I really enjoy people who’s personal experiences have to affect the entire house. It always brings a lot of peace and joy to the room..🙄🤬

@conrad no, I don’t think we can handle another year of trump

@Corina I’m gonna try. Our son got his tonsils removed Tuesday so it’s been a hectic week

We have chatechism class tomorrow and I haven’t done any of the reading for it. 😳😩

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Cli-fi microfiction 

Perhaps some of the survivors of societal breakdown form roving bands of anarchists who travel through countries on rusting bicycles, lugging squat trailers packed with essentials. When they find pockets of civilisation, seeds are traded, medical supplies exchanged, SSB messages synced with the few devices still functioning. The roving group feast on fresh foods before stocking up on supplies for a long trip. Perhaps they break into a data facility, where a trailer with hacked electric systems is rigged to a single server. The group mount their bicycles and together create just enough power for the server to boot up, while a tech within their group scours the aging hard drives for useful data from a battered laptop. Perhaps they discover a waterfall in the woods, where they are able to wash the day's dirt away and dig up a bountiful crop of potatoes that some previous traveller planted near the water.

If you do take the time to listen to the previous episode I would urge you to follow it up with this episode.

If you guys have a minute. This is the conversation that changed my life and reoriented me to a faith of love, hope and joy. This is what pushed me to Eastern Orthodox.

child abuse, mental health 

@gabi not a problem good luck!

child abuse, mental health 

@gabi this is a great resource for finding mental health

There’s also a Liturgists episode about emdr hope this helps. Peace be with you

child abuse, mental health 

@gabi it’s a battle. It’s a matter of peace in our subconscious. These things bubble to the top when we’re not aware. Leaving us in a state of exhaustion. I never really feel like I rest. If he’s of a spiritual sort I suggest centering prayer as developed by father Thomas Keating there’s also some very good Buddhist practices that are similar to centering prayer.

I really want to delete this account. Can’t login on the website though. 🤦‍♂️

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