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Tabs and Wafers Boulder disappointment 

I get to see a new pain management tomorrow....

@silas do you listen to Rob Bell? Or have a interest in him?

@mike @vishnu would be possible for season grouping for players that support it? Please! Thanks 🙏

The art of the deal. 😂 😂
China is raising tariffs on American goods starting June 1 - CNBC

I don't think I am a fan of this new shrink, after a rather long meeting of him telling me that I essentially don't understand my own ailments. I was undiagnosed major depressive and diagnosed bi polar. And we'll now I've slept for two days straight because the meds that would balance someone who was manic knock me out cause I am always down. This next visit if he doesn't allow me to express myself and stop cutting me off. Then that's his last apt with me.

Does anyone else obsess over how their notes look?

Well today is my first apt with my new psychologist. Hope all goes well he and I have a lot to discuss.

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An inquiry for you scholars and philosophers -

Jesus and Paul both existed in a context greatly influenced by both Greek and Jewish philosophy. I'm curious if anyone has pointers or sources to which philosophers or philosophies can be seen in Jesus' or Paul's teachings (which certainly vary in many ways).

I'm interested for people to weigh in!

Well since lent is over we're eating our favorite meats before we go full-time vegan. Homemade chicken chunks with homemade sauces. Sauces are mild buffalo, the yellow is homemade scotch bonnet curry. For those who don't know what a scotch bonnet is I'll attach a lil info

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