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#DearWhitePeople No one wants you to feel guilty. Your fragility is hard enough to deal with without you hamming it up performatively. What we want is for you to acknowledge the systemic advantages you have because of whiteness and maybe even do some work to dismantle those systems that unfairly privilege you.

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From the latest episode of the liturgists podcast, "Understanding is not a requisit for cooperation with other human beings when they are suffering." -Bushi Yamato Damashii

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"How did the teachings of Jesus turn into laser lights, fog machines and skinny jeans?" @vishnu 😂 😂

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Where my fellow POC at? Feels like a very white space😅

“A person who speaks to this hour’s need will always be skirting the edge of heresy.”

-Helmet Thielicke

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Just told my very Christian fam that I am LGBTQ+ affirming and i just wanna say, wow.
If you have ever come out to your very Christian parents, you need a lifetime of trophies and cake and hugs❤❤ you guys are the real heroes and I can never imagine the courage that takes.

I grew up in a church like that. I want to build a different kind of spiritual community.

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Read this today:

“Taking a risk like [admitting your doubt] could mean being branded for life, that person who “used to have such a strong faith” but is now just another doubter who “doesn’t know what she believes anymore.” Church is too often the most risky place to be spiritually honest.”

-Pete Enns, The Sin of Certainty

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Im the most awkward and blushing as I type this but acting on a nudge from fellow friends on here, I’m posting my Bible translation project again!

It’s a Bible translation for the spiritually wandering and it’s aim is to bring up wrestling, dialogue, and a new way of reading the text.

It’s on Kickstarter and we have 2 days to meet our goal. 150 more pledges! 👏🏻

Have any of you read Jonathan Haidt's newest book, The Coddling of The American Mind? I'd be interested to hear y'all's thoughts.

So many great recommendations in this thread. Thanks everyone! I've added a bunch of these to my subscriptions.

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let’s talk ~sexuality! anyone else finally accepting that they aren’t straight? bonus points if you’re already in a hetero marriage like me 😂 . don’t worry, my husband knows and went through the same acceptance at the same time (srsly felt like divine timing) so we’re feeling v queer and liberated.

We've inherited an Enlightenment tradition of thinking of beliefs as if they're somehow disembodied, suspended above us in the ether, and all you have to do is float up the right bit of information and wrong beliefs will dispel... Nothing could be further from the truth. Beliefs are physical. They are deeply embodied emotional reactions.

Paraphrase from Chris Mooney's book, The Republican Brain.

Evangelical leader, pastor, teacher for about 10 years. I always leaned liberal, but genuine deconstruction began in 2016. I then binged every episode of the liturgists and joined a beautiful Episcopal Church.

I've since rebuilt a faith based on kindness and care for others, and practice it primarily by advocating for and making a spiritual space for those traditionally marginalized and oppressed by the church.

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