Read this today:

“Taking a risk like [admitting your doubt] could mean being branded for life, that person who “used to have such a strong faith” but is now just another doubter who “doesn’t know what she believes anymore.” Church is too often the most risky place to be spiritually honest.”

-Pete Enns, The Sin of Certainty

I grew up in a church like that. I want to build a different kind of spiritual community.

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@ErikJamesPeterson absolutely loved that book by Pete Enns - and I’m hopeful for the type of community we are building here! Hopefully it translates to our own physical spaces as well.

@Daryn @ErikJamesPeterson Same! Eloquent wording for scattered thoughts I've been juggling for a long time.

@ErikJamesPeterson this is what we're building in Ypsilanti, MI. Let me know if you want to talk more about what we do and such.

@ErikJamesPeterson yes. This mindset kept me trapped for a long time. Great book!

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