For those of you who were raised Christian, what are some worship songs you now realize are theologically bizarre and/or indoctrinating? Are there any songs that you still find meaning in?

Family System Pain 

What makes it hard for me is I have friends who live outdoors.

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Family System Pain 

How do you all deal navigate your family system, especially when awful things are said? It’s snowing here in PDX, I was watching the news with my father, and as a homeless man shared how grateful he is for our city that provides what he needs during this time, my dad commented β€œif we provide everything, then I guess you don’t need to work, eh?” Ugh. I couldn’t handle it. This man on TV could be freezing, and all my dad cares about is whether he works or not??

PSA toot: do not give up on this platform because you are afraid you aren’t deep enough, or have the right book to recommend, or scientific theory to cite. You are welcome here. Playfulness, encouragement, and sharing joy - is welcome here.

Beautiful weather here in ! Now my commute to work just got a bit more interesting.

@mike I'd like to do more independent research on the harms of social media and companies like Facebook and Twitter, so I can make an independent decision on whether or not I want to leave those sites. Do you have a list of resources somewhere that you've found helpful? Where can I learn more?

It's Friday! That means it's bread making day! I fall in love with baking bread more and more each week.

Going on follow sprees to welcome others to our family/community is easily going to make my Thursday better. πŸ–€βœŒπŸ½β€οΈ

I love the standard @mike photo, but who votes for a new @mike selfie for this new platform he got all of us to join? I think you owe us at least that Mike. We can see that shit on Facebook!

Don't you just love the feeling you get when you finish one of the biggest things on your To-Do list before 9am? Onward with my day!

I want to see more posts on mastodon! I’ll post mine in a little while

I went on a follow spree and my home page is starting to look like a social media feed that isn’t toxic and I get joy in following. Happy to be here.

Potential Spoilers for Crashing S3 

Episode 1 of Crashing Season 3 was fantastic! Anyone else a fan of the show? Would love to discuss!

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? I’m currently rewatching the series before the final season!

I've been getting into bread baking quite a bit lately. Does anyone else make their own bread? I find it to be a very spiritual process, personally.

I’ve been reading Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh, and I found this quote inspiring:
β€œFor Buddhism to be real, there must be a Buddhakaya, an embodiment of awakened activity. Otherwise Buddhism is just a word.” I feel like so many spiritual traditions in the West (I’m speaking from an experience of being raised in fundamentalist Christianity) have become disembodied practices. Just words. Im now learning to live an embodied spiritual tradition, and that has been so healing.

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