Since most people had to go through multiple steps to signup for this instance, I'm wondering how many here also support The Liturgist Patreon.


@zach I'm on patreon and slack. This still confuses me to no end. It's like I'm communicating with the void instead of people...

@Findsilence @zach Sorry it hasn't been a great experience so far! Is there any questions you had in particular? It takes a while to get used to the platform but it's pretty excellent once you get going.

@sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach speaking for myself: it’s unnerving for me because it has the initial appearance of being a “closed” (or perhaps “unlisted”) community since you sign up at a particular instance, but somehow everything you write is not only accessible outside that community but indeed highly visible or discoverable. It feels like a slack or message board but is actually like Twitter.

@sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach and as a software professional, I have a decent idea of how decentralized distributed systems work! I can’t imagine what it’s like for everyone so used to centralized services that they’ve never once even thought of them in terms of being centralized, because what would the conceivable alternative be?

@sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach

I'm a patron, but the unofficial Slack community (in addition to the gathering I went to) seems to be the only way I have been actually able to really connect deeply with people. I've meet several IRL and it's been great.

This platform bothers me. I don't like its lack of privacy. Is Twitter public also? or can you set it to be friends only like Facebook?

Friends or followers only would be okay... maybe... but do I really want to do that again?

@brettdh @sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach

There anxiety in the whole friending game. Some people I want to friend, but dont. Others I don't want to friend, but feel compelled to friend because of various pressures. I often want to prune friends but dont want to offend.

@brettdh @sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach

And now here, I get random non-lit followers I've never met. That's fine if I was looking for that, but I'm not. I also don't like having to manually follow everyone. I wish all us liturgists could be immediately friends and then, bam!, limit posts to followers only.

@brettdh @sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach

And ugh! Why a 500 character limit? Grr.

I'm having to divide up my post for no good reason.


yep. I'm too old for this.

@amal @brettdh @sandrockcstm @Findsilence If the local timeline would show responses to all of the initial posts that could potentially fix the whole friend/not friend problem.

That could be overwhelming for people though also. Balancing act.

@amal @brettdh @Findsilence @zach If you'd like to limit your followers you are absolutely able to do so.

Go to your settings under "edit profile," then scroll down and "lock account." This will require that you manually approve followers before they get added.

@amal @brettdh @sandrockcstm @Findsilence Twitter is open to all users unless you set your account to private then it's only the people who you allow to follow you.

@amal @brettdh @Findsilence @zach This post may help to explain some of the privacy stuff:

Basically unless you specifically disable "boosting" by making it follower-only your statuses CAN be sent to other people on other instances.

Think of Mastodon less like a private forum and more like a decentralized Twitter which gives you more granularity over what you see and who gets to see what you've said.

@brettdh @Findsilence @zach

I'm not seeing a setting to change boosting settings. I still don't even know what boosting is.

Anyway, perhaps you just mean setting the post's privacy setting to followers only makes it so that it cannot be boosted?

@amal @brettdh @Findsilence @zach Yes, exactly. Boosting essentially means that you share it with your followers. Think of it like retweeting.

By making a post follower-only, it allows you to share with your followers, but does not allow them to share further.

You can change these settings by clicking the globe icon next to the camera when making a post.

@brettdh @Findsilence @zach You may find this write-up I did yesterday helpful:

There are ways to limit the reach of your posts to only the people you want, it just takes a bit to understand the system.

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