Liturgist announcements 

When @mike said that the T&W tour is partially to accommodate those in the audience who can't go in churches, my not-quite-awake self went, ah, yes, the vampires in the audience.... 😛🧛

Dragon's Milk stout is delicious. 11% is enough to make me solidly buzzed. And it hits right around the time I'm listening to @mike start to feel his buzz on TAATR, making it that much better

Children's book recommendations 

Does anyone have rec's for a 5 yr old boy? Our nephew's birthday is coming up and I would like to get in the habit of giving books. Preferably books that peek outside the conservative bubble, but that conservative parents wouldn't outright ban.

The cat fell in the fish tank this morning and I was lucky enough to witness it 😂

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Important point being brought up by users on other instances: For people on the Liturgists instance 

Remember that if you are not private other instances can see all of your posts. Musings about cws or related issues may be tiring to people who have been here a long time and are not still figuring this out. Maybe use cws and specify questions as only for our instance to help with this issue. Don't assume everyone who sees your post is coming from the same place.

Tech - local instance toots 

I've seen people here wondering if there was an option to toot only to liturgists without having to follow everyone in the instance. It looks like there's a PR out on the mastadon repo for this feature - I'm not sure it'll ever going to get merged since there seems to be a lot of pushback to the idea. But it seems to be keeping up to date with merging releases into the branch. Perhaps @mike could look into this?

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CW requests for new users across the fediverse 

Hello, new people! Please try to use Content Warnings for things that could be triggering to others.

Things like religion, alcohol/drugs, suicide, abuse, etc. Stuff that could ruin someone's day by being forced to interact with it.

Every instance has different rules and etiquette, but your public posts are seen by everyone on the federated timeline so please take that into account.

Thank you! :greatcat:

Has anyone else listened to Scene on Radio's Seeing White series? It was eye opening for me.

First toot! I'm a twenty-something devops engineer, married to a wonderful husband, and a Ravenclaw. I've questioned Christianity to a greater or lesser extent for years, finally slipped out the back door of my church over a year ago, and discovered that I enjoy sleeping in on Sunday.

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