So apparently my app for this stopped working? Any new suggestions for iPhone?

@mike coming in clutch today on Ask Science Mike. Had a long day of parent visits with a lot of confrontation and just needed something fun and cerebral to listen to on my drive home. It was literally everything I hoped for when I opened my podcasts for a nice escape.

It’s 10:49 am in Texas and I’m already over work today. Just not feeling motivated or focused. It doesn’t help everyone in my office area is super talkative today.


I shared this less than a month ago on Facebook and it is so weird knowing now what I didn’t then. I’ve never met this woman, I have listened to her on podcasts, and I have her book on my shelf still to be read. She has played a role in developing my present spirituality/faith. I am thankful for the role she has played in the lives of others and in mine.

Y’all. I want to get my first tattoo and I think it’ll be a 3 inch penguin above my knee. The only problem is that I have commitment problems and it’s permanent.

I’m also currently hanging out with 3 teenagers. One of whom is going on their 3rd night without placement and in the office the entire time. We need loving homes for these children. I know it isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

If foster children or adoption has ever been a consideration, please attend an information meeting to learn more. I am caseworker in Texas but I’m sure there is a foster home need in every state. I literally cried because I was so upset to find out there was not a single home in the state of Texas for a 3 and 5 year old sibling set for a day and a half. Those poor babies had to sleep in the office for the night after being removed from a dangerous home situation.

@mike what are your thoughts on the special session? Should they split?

:Gryffindor: I may or may not have embraced my inner nerd this week and bought a Gryffindor shirt!

First TOOT! First time being an Early adapter and my first time to get my name!

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