Need Enneagram advice/resources!

Been in a weird circular rut lately, devolving into my more negative tendencies as an and I was wondering if anyone has some good resources on integrating towards growth? Any suggestions from fellow 4's? I have been crippled by my desire to accomplish, but I'm interested in doing so many different things that I become paralyzed. Any advice on integrating the healthy parts of type 1?

@JC Sorry you're struggling, friend. Being a four can be so challenging at times. I'm a six, but all of my close friends are fours so my heart is with you. The Wisdom of the Enneagram book, Sleeping at Last's podcast on the four, and Enneagram for Idiots have all been particularly helpful. The last one is a non-Christian based podcast that is brutally honest so brace yourself before listening, but it humbles in the best of ways which helps and focuses growth once walking through the muck.

@yellowasthesunshine Thanks for those! and the content warning on the last one😂

@JC You're welcome! I listened to the six one at the very beginning of a spiritual road trip and it absolutely wrecked me. It totally built me back up eventually, but the tears and emotions while driving solo through Utah were quite a bit to handle.

@yellowasthesunshine Haha! that sounds amazing. I mis-typed myself as a two for quite a while, and suddenly had the randomest feeling that I should check out the four again, and it wrecked me but made sense of so much! That's the best part for sure.

@JC hey fellow 4 👋🏼. I’ve learned a lot about myself through the Typology podcast and rereading the 4 and 1 sections at

For me, the best stuff about the 1 is falling into a rhythm and finding the beauty in mundane rituals. The worst part is believing my worth comes from how accurately I perform a task. That may just be me, but at the very least remember that there’s goodness in perfecting things, but that’s not the end goal nor the most important thing.

@rocketbarn I'll definitely check out the Typology podcast.

I really need those healthy rituals! I think as a four I have always hated rituals for fear that they will stifle my "creativity" or something. As I get older I realize that's just a lie that I tell myself

Self deprecating humor (-) 

@JC i feel that. My gets the best of me with rituals and I want to move on before seeing out a lot of things. I’ve had to find the special and uniqueness that comes with doing things over and over again. I fight the tension of loving the idea of being discipline but also hating it because I know I’ll eventually break the routine...which means I’m a failure and everyone hates me and i might as well have never tried and I’m going to go eat ice cream and hate myself.

Self deprecating humor (-) 

@rocketbarn I relate too hard😂

My brain: "If you do that pointless, repetitive thing all the time, you will waste your time and you will never be able to follow these creative rabbit trails"
Real life: "If you would actually choose a couple of these things to do regularly, you might accomplish something real"

Self deprecating humor (-) 

@JC SO FUCKING TRUE. God, it's the worst.

*me looking at a tower of dishes and being overly tired because I don't work out and my sleep behavior is erratic*: *screams* **cries** "I CANT DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW" ***goes on mastadon for hours instead of doing anything****

Self deprecating humor (-) 

@rocketbarn 😂 ✊🏻

Not specifically 4 advice (or enneagram) but maybe seek some advice (counsellor or other helper) as to why you feel the need to do more? That's such an abstract answer! But it helped me as a 2w3 break out of a shame cycle.

@andrewmurray86 Thanks for that advice! I would love to see a professional, but it's a but out of the budget for now.

@JC this is such a helpful start to a convo, and I’m an unhealthy 9 trying to move away from 6 and toward 3... but full disclosure the only enneagram insight I’ve ever received was the one liturgists episode. So I should probably do my hw there. But. #9

@emkem Thanks! Yeah, you should definitely ready about your type some more if you have only heard about it from the podcast episode! it is so helpful.

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