US Politics 

Now that Warren is exiting the race, there seems to be 2 choices left.

Full disclosure I'm very much sold on Medicare for All and so I support Bernie. Curious about everyone's thoughts here.

Cancer Support 

Does anyone have experience with a situation like this?

I want to "be a blessing" in this situation, but I have no idea how.

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Cancer Support 

Hey all,

I have a coworker who's wife was recently diagnosed with stage for colon cancer.

For background I work in an office, his cubicle is right across from mine. I have only worked here about 6 months and we've only ever engaged in a social setting outside work on 1 occasion. He, is in a somewhat mentor/supervisory role over me. He's an incredibly kind, and patient man, and he shoulders a lot of extra work because he's very good at what we do (engineering)


I've never really been involved with Twitter. I've had a throw away account for a couple years. Only recently started checking it. Only today started commenting on anything.

Well, I dipped my toe into political conversation. Everyone was incredibly mean.... its a horrible place. I deleted my twitter.

Doodle I did while ignoring church of a random eyeball with some weird wiggly things coming from it? Idk it weirds me out so it might weird you out too. 

A doodle. Shoutout to the person who recommended this drawing app last Sunday, even though I don’t remember who you were. You’re great.

AATR, Constitutional Law, Podcast Reccomendation 

If anyone really liked the back half of the "Donuts" episode, there's a great podcast called "What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law" where Roman Mars talks to his neighbor (who happens to be a professor in constitutional law) about all the ways this president is doing weird new (dumb) things that push at the edge cases of our constitutional system.

I highly recommend it.

You coffee-powered dream machine,
You’re lovely. And I’m sorry,
That it’s taken me so long to realize.
I always knew it, but thought I knew better.
Thank you for being here now.
Sincerely, your lover, self.

Game Of Thrones (Spoilers) 

I was disappointed by the finally. I've stood by this final season up to now.... but the happy ending did not feel earned to me.

@vishnu @mike
"Well, here's something I read EVERYTHING ABOUT"

This episode was a very welcomed throwback to season 1. I really enjoyed the fervor with which Vishnu argued with "Southern Baptist Mike".


There has been a lot of criticism of this season so far.... personally I think this season has been excellent. of course i'd prefer a 10 episode send off.

In my opinion this show is excellent.

Also the world is too trash right now for me to put any energy into hating a TV show for being slightly less than perfect.



Bec you, like me are living with the gnawing, creeping apprehension that at any moment a story 10 yrs and 40+ hrs (on screen) in the making could be stolen from you.

May we all make it through these turbulent waters to the fulfillment we seek.

Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.


My ego is demanding validation on this post.

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@mike @vishnu

So, I've had this idea for years.

I want to start a cult.

I wouldn't be the charismatic leader of this cult. I would just be one of the practitioners. The cult would look like many communes and experimental living communities. But, with one significant difference. We ALWAYS refer to it as a cult. I theorize (based on nothing) that a self proclaimed cult would naturally select against those who commonly "ruin" "cults".

I'm VERY curious to hear ppls thoughts on this!

Mental Health, Politics 

So, I'm considering taking a 2-3 month break from news. I feel uncomfortable with this bec its only due to my privileged life that I even have the option to "disengage for awhile" But I also feel a exhausted and increasingly angry.

Anybody got any advice?
Anybody done something similar?
Anybody think I should just tough it out stay informed and stay engaged?

My ultra conservative and gossipy aunt in law followed me on twitter, the only place (other than here) that I feel safe to share my views, so... I just deleted it.

It’s not the worst because I was thinking of deleting it anyway, but I just know she has probably already screenshotted my tweets and sent in family group messages 😭

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Also I am VERY tempted to be your "one scathing christian review".....


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I am about half way through THIS and the collection of cells that identifies as me is perceiving the experience of pleasure.

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