Cancer Support 

Hey all,

I have a coworker who's wife was recently diagnosed with stage for colon cancer.

For background I work in an office, his cubicle is right across from mine. I have only worked here about 6 months and we've only ever engaged in a social setting outside work on 1 occasion. He, is in a somewhat mentor/supervisory role over me. He's an incredibly kind, and patient man, and he shoulders a lot of extra work because he's very good at what we do (engineering)


Cancer Support 

Does anyone have experience with a situation like this?

I want to "be a blessing" in this situation, but I have no idea how.

Cancer Support 

@JacobTeasdale I'd say "I know there's a million people who are gonna say 'what can I do to help?' and you're not gonna know what to say, but if there's anything that comes up, no matter how mundane, here's my number, call me and let me help. Can't wait to cut your grass, do your laundry, or talk to you about something hard that you don't want to burden your family/friends with, seriously"

Cancer Support 

Thank you, I will do that. To add pressure to the situation for him, his family suffered a house fire about 3 months prior to the diagnosis and have been living in a rental and dealing with 2 homes.

I am sure he has chores and mundane work I could help with.

Cancer Support 

@JacobTeasdale If you like to cook, make a casserole in a pan you don't need returned, freeze it, and give it to him. In my experience, a casserole is always welcome.

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