@conrad Every day is clothing optional. Also every day is work optional and focus optional haha.

US Politics 

Now that Warren is exiting the race, there seems to be 2 choices left.

Full disclosure I'm very much sold on Medicare for All and so I support Bernie. Curious about everyone's thoughts here.

Cancer Support 

Thank you, I will do that. To add pressure to the situation for him, his family suffered a house fire about 3 months prior to the diagnosis and have been living in a rental and dealing with 2 homes.

I am sure he has chores and mundane work I could help with.

Cancer Support 

Does anyone have experience with a situation like this?

I want to "be a blessing" in this situation, but I have no idea how.

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Cancer Support 

Hey all,

I have a coworker who's wife was recently diagnosed with stage for colon cancer.

For background I work in an office, his cubicle is right across from mine. I have only worked here about 6 months and we've only ever engaged in a social setting outside work on 1 occasion. He, is in a somewhat mentor/supervisory role over me. He's an incredibly kind, and patient man, and he shoulders a lot of extra work because he's very good at what we do (engineering)

US Politics, racism, whiteness 

So I hold Cornell West in high regard, I cant claim to be an expert on race or intersectionality or anything. But Cornell West has this to say about Bernie.



I've never really been involved with Twitter. I've had a throw away account for a couple years. Only recently started checking it. Only today started commenting on anything.

Well, I dipped my toe into political conversation. Everyone was incredibly mean.... its a horrible place. I deleted my twitter.

Its Great! Its like everyone here has this little thought of "Am I being helpful?" before they respond to anything. Oddly enough, that moment of introspection seems to give everyone significantly more permission to be themselves.

At least thats my perspective.

You don't apologize for medical rest you beautiful beast. The Lion does not apologize for its midday nap. NO it rewards the universe with its Majesty when it chooses too, and it slumbers as it sees fit.

Doodle I did while ignoring church of a random eyeball with some weird wiggly things coming from it? Idk it weirds me out so it might weird you out too. 

A doodle. Shoutout to the person who recommended this drawing app last Sunday, even though I don’t remember who you were. You’re great.

@farmerinthesky @vishnu
But honestly it was awesome to finally hear from YWHW. It was nice to hear (him) speak honestly about whats been going on.

@Krismsheedy @conrad @mike

As usual, my initial response was pretty aggressive. Sorry if it was too aggressive.

@Krismsheedy @conrad @mike

Holy Shit Mike!

Look into my eyes!

You have shared so much of yourself with us. Enough (I believe) that I can say I honestly love you. Strange as that might be. I am certain I'm joined by hundreds of thousands in this love.

Be well.
Ask for what you need.
Ask for $$$ from us if you need it.
Ask for time away if you need it.
You are our friend, not our servant.

AATR, Constitutional Law, Podcast Reccomendation 

If anyone really liked the back half of the "Donuts" episode, there's a great podcast called "What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law" where Roman Mars talks to his neighbor (who happens to be a professor in constitutional law) about all the ways this president is doing weird new (dumb) things that push at the edge cases of our constitutional system.

I highly recommend it.

You coffee-powered dream machine,
You’re lovely. And I’m sorry,
That it’s taken me so long to realize.
I always knew it, but thought I knew better.
Thank you for being here now.
Sincerely, your lover, self.

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