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time! I'm a 34 -enthusiast, though my wife both practice in a mainline denomination. She's a pastor, and we're going through a divorce. I'm in from , and am generally several kinds of an . Currently in , originally from . I'm into , currently working on an called Tale of the Five. I'm also into , via the . Working towards being a professionally. 7chrslft

In Soviet Union, only ballet is permitted, and being fresh is a punishable crime.

“I get more push back if I criticize capitalism even than white privilege and nationalism.” - Richard Rohr


Link to Twitter post about bullying and #abledsareweird 

Learning today about the Norse "Lay of Rig," and am struck by several interesting similarities to legendary accounts of Abram, Isaac, Jacob, and the founding of the Israelite nation. Thoughts, anyone?

"We’re saying there should be more business, enterprises, endeavors that don’t have to or want to or need to become Goldman Sachs or Big Pharma or Facebook or the lobbying industry. Just decent, human-scale organizations far less interested in psychotically monopolizing all the profit in the economy that they possibly can — because they have to — than in doing exciting, interesting, wonderful, amazing things."

TFW you're flat broke but would rather work on finding a divorce attorney than update your resume and apply for jobs you were overqualified for a decade ago.

band name dibs - Ainsworth & the Strange Situation

I just want to graduate college so that I can finally become a dungeon master.

Hey friends, my amazing friend, @[email protected] , a badass queer enby developer and award-winning illustrator needs some help right now. Depression and PTSD fucking suck, especially in the American medical system. Please, donate and share their Gofundme.

I refuse to be gentle about sex and gender anymore. Policing other people's bodies is getting soo old!

If something doesn't make sense to you, maybe you should make a point to learn. 🤯

:heart_gq: :heart_pride: :trans_heart: :asexual_sparkle_heart: :bi_pride_heart:

Leonard Cohen wrote "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy"

Do you know who is good? is good. That's not even opinion, in my book. Just simple fact.

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