Hey everyone, I'm James, I'm a writer, podcaster, author type guy, Enneagram 4 w5. I also have anxiety & mild ASD.

I've been on a deconstruction/reconstruction journey the last 3 years, and am just starting to discover myself, almost for the first time. It's great to be here and look forward to meeting you all!

@mike I'm glad to be here too Mike. This definitely feels safer than other social media platforms....

@JamesP77 Hey James!! Glad you're here. Excited to follow along as you continue to discover more of your amazing self

@frankiedoodledandy Thanks Frankie, great to be here and find some like minds!

@JamesP77 welcome! I’m a 4w3 but exploring that 5 wing a lot lately. Would love to connect and hear more about you and the ways you’ve been enjoying self discovery lately

@nathanaelfilbert Yes, sounds great!! I've been journalling a lot about it and learning a lot. Lots of journalling, reading, yoga, meditation - it's really helped.

@JamesP77 amazing! I love that! I’ve been using the calm app a lot lately, ever tried it?

What has the driving force been behind this self discovery? And what have you felt like you’ve gained by knowing yourself better?

@nathanaelfilbert Wow, I could write a book on my journey and what I've learned (I jest, but it will probably be my next book). The driving force was a desire (& spiritual nudge) to deal with past trauma, getting free of traditional church/religion, free of debt, and not allowing mental illness and trauma control me - and just be free to be me, and do inner change. It's painful but so worth it.

@nathanaelfilbert I've tried the calm app, yes, don't use it all the time but it's definitely good.

Nice to meet you! Looking forward to interact with you! Bye the way, how do you guys know your Enneagram number? When I try to find mine the results are always inconclusive. Maybe I'm divergent 🙂

@elsander Hi Joachim, I am an Enneagram 4 - there is a test online you can do. (I got the same score for 4 & 5 - but when I read the profiles, I am the definition of a 4!). The Enneagram institute is a good place:

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