Just finished “The Sabbath”, by Abraham Joshua Heschel.

My big take away from this book was the difference between “thingness” and how we live in space, but rarely stop and sit on time, and absorb the energy and life of the world around us.

And how in the world of spirit, an eternity in time can feel like a moment.

Highly recommended reading.

Anyone else have thoughts on sabbath?

@JamesP77 Off-topic, but I’m struck by how the stems on the book cover echo the trees on your paintings. I also love your paintings.

@Baravis Yes, you’re right! Thanks man - those paintings are were done by a friend, I stayed with them this weekend. The paintings are so amazing!

@JamesP77 I don't know if you're interested in reading more about Sabbath, but if you are, I highly recommend A.J. Swoboda's Subversive Sabbath.

@JamesP77 my small group did like a 4 month dive into sabbath at the end of last year. really relevant considering the pace the most of us are leading our lives. I would recommend Walter Brueggemann's Sabbath as Resistance as good reading for a personal and communal pov

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