There are many people who identify as belonging to a "religion" who do not even believe in "hell" and who are quite involved in "spirituality".

Please knock it off with this false dichotomy and this mischaracterization of "religious" people, okay? "Religious" is not necessarily synonymous with "right wing anti-science patriarchal homophobes."

@nonnatus I'm genuinely sorry you interpreted what I said this way. I wasn't in anyway intending to knock religion, or make any kind of generalisation about what religious people do or don't believe, or create any kind of dichotomy at all. And I really do know 'religious' isn't always synonymous with right wing conservative evangelicalism. I'm sorry it came across this way, it's not what I intended at all, and I apologise.

@nonnatus My concern isn't with religion - but with an unhealthy, dualistic way of believing which creates division, disunity and conflict, and doesn't have nuance or freedom to hear one another's stories. I'm genuinely sorry if it sounded dualistic or prejudice, or if it came across I was judging or generalising, that was not my intent at all.

@nonnatus And when I said religion in the post you responded to - I'm talking toxic religion (something many here including myself have experienced), not healthy religion, which can be good and helpful and life-giving, and deeply spiritual and inclusive. There's a huge difference between healthy religion and religiosity, and toxic religion or theology, which hurts people.

@JamesP77 Thanks for your very thoughtful response. I really appreciate your taking the time to elaborate and explain!

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