Such a privilege & a joy to meet up with @mike for lunch & drinks today. So much fun!

Met two of the singles group on FB in person today. Hanging with some of the Litrigists LA group next Saturday too! Can’t wait to meet some of you.

Weird but good: I feel totally at home in San Diego / LA. It’s like I’ve not even left home, but come home.

It’s seriously entering my mind to move here....

Coming to the US tomorrow - here’s where & when I’ll be speaking in San Diego. (I’ll also be in Costa Mesa and LA) @mike

Just finished “The Sabbath”, by Abraham Joshua Heschel.

My big take away from this book was the difference between “thingness” and how we live in space, but rarely stop and sit on time, and absorb the energy and life of the world around us.

And how in the world of spirit, an eternity in time can feel like a moment.

Highly recommended reading.

Anyone else have thoughts on sabbath?

Life is all about doing the next right thing.

Sometimes, the next step towards your next book, your next talk, your next project, dream or work in the world, is something as elementary as unpacking boxes and hanging up clothes.

Let’s just keep doing the next right thing.

Trauma Mental Illness 

You can acknowledge the pain and trauma of your past without letting it control you.

It’s a long journey. I’ve walked this journey. It’s painful. It’s difficult. It’s hard work.

But I’ve learned from experience that the only way to rob the past of its power is to confront it.

This isn’t a happy ever after, I have it all sorted thing. I still struggle, I still get triggered, it’s still a battle. But I am doing better for having confronted my trauma.

There is hope.

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