I've been frustrated lately. I want to have spiritual experiences again but I don't know what works for me. I need something to inspire empathy but prayer is not what it once meant to me. If you feel similar, I see you, I hear you, I love you. :)

If there happen to be any Liturgists in Lubbock, TX, we can meet on Saturday at 7 PM at Blue Sky! You'll be loved and welcomed! I wanna meet you!

My therapist asked me to recognize the courage in my thoughts that go against the grain. She told me to see myself as courageous when I have a thought about God that is different from the crowd. This made me cry. A lot.

Today, my therapist asked me to imagine a nightmare scenario for myself. When I did, I was in a room full of white fundamentalist Christians HAHAHAHAHA

Been deconstructing for over a year. I've been leading a bible study at a Calvinist church and it has been killing me. Finally left this week. I feel so relieved. I feel like I'm free to be me now. Not bashing anyone or that church, it was just a bad environment for me. I know this won't fix everything but damn it feels so liberating. I'll be attending the affirming Methodist church that's down the street from now on I think.

I am thankful for the Liturgists and for the community. It reminds me that even when I am lonely and people think I'm crazy, I am not alone and I'm a little crazy but not as much as they say.

I started going to therapy recently. It's been so so fucking good. Because of it, I wound up discussing the 10 year old event where my brother came out to my parents and he was threatened with physical violence and forced back into the closet. We've never talked about it. Ever. I called him, with a heavy heart and told him that I love him and that his sexuality is beautiful. We cried so hard that night. So many walls were torn down and so much peace was restored. I am thankful for restoration.

The End of the World tour was one of the most deeply spiritual experiences I've ever had. I felt my shame dying as I watched the Gungors sing and walk off stage. So thankful for this experience.

I recently let go and finally let myself become a universalist! Most freeing decision I've made in a very long time! Hope everyone's doing well!

My name is Jarett, I've been deconstructing for about two years. It's been insane. It's blown everything apart and made me feel more free than ever before. Some days I believe there is a God or Gods and some days the whole idea of any kind of spirituality sounds ridiculous. The funniest part of this whole thing is that I co-lead a bible study at a very Calvinist church that heavily emphasizes the bible as being the full revelation of god. lol. Love the Liturgists, this is awesome!!

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