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My name is Jeff and I live in NE after growing up on the east coast and spending the last few years on the west coast.

I have started a journey questioning my faith and beliefs that I held since childhood. It is a lonely road sometimes especially since I have not completely given up on the church side of things and still seek community with others that are not likeminded.

I have enjoyed the Liturgist podcast since it’s inception and hope to find community here.

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depressing poem about a faltering faith 

Where did you go?

I was told to follow, and so I followed,
But now it seems that I'm all alone.

Our footsteps have been washed away.
Leaving me without proof, or a path back home.

I looked away for just one moment,
Which is all it took for you to disappear.

Were you just an imaginary friend
Whom I outgrew over the years?


To anyone who has read @vishnu new book "This" what were your thoughts? I loved it and it really spoke to me on many different levels. The one thing I was thinking about recently was how tired he seemed while writing the book. It comes through in the writing. There are happy moments as well.

It made me think about my deconstruction and path and how tired it made me as well.

Do you think it is the inner struggle that makes people so tired or the fight against people in their lives?


Just listened to the latest AATR and I was really sad to hear that you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and get as much rest as possible. Your voice is needed in this world for a long time to come.

Science Rant 

I just finished watching the Bill Nye documentary on Netflix and watching meteorologists, politicians and religious leaders deny climate science and actively lead people down the path of destroying our planet is infuriating and sickening 🤬

Explicit Language 

This spoken verse speaks to me on so many levels. I hope it helps someone or speaks to them in some way. cheers!

After following this story and finding out there was more to the story (i.e. infidelity)

1. I don't feel this makes his deconstruction any less valid

2. I wonder if he had come clean earlier in his journey if the infidelity would not have happened

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I cannot process RHE being gone. I always enjoyed hearing her talk on the podcasts and explain complex issues in a way that made sense and allowed them to be applied to everyday life. I cannot imagine the pain and grief that her family is going through. Her voice will be greatly missed in this universe. 😥

This is an important thread from Twitter and rings all to true. If you have a moment send him some love.

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Just purchased this application and thought it would fit here.

It is an application that reminds you randomly 5 times every day that you are going to die and gives you a quote that goes along with it.

Sounds morbid at first, but it really fits in with being aware of "THIS" and not "THAT".

Anyways let me know if you buy it and how you like it.

Anti Muslim Rhetoric + Ignorance 

Logged onto The Book of Faces and was instantly greeted with ignorance and anti Muslim rhetoric...Unfriended person who posted it and logged off. Why are people so stupid and easily manipulated...ugh

Also, F***Book never ceases to amaze me with how terrible it is.

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CW request, mention of active structure fire 

Hey folks. I know it's a big deal and all, but could you CW structure fires?

I know, Notre Dame's burning literally as I type this and that's breaking news, but y'all I've got PTSD from the 2017 California wildfires.

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#HubbleFriday This star-studded image shows us a portion of Messier 11 which is also known as the Wild Duck Cluster, as its brightest stars form a “V” shape that somewhat resembles a flock of ducks in flight:

protect your toes 

Then you have probably encountered the backfire effect.

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protect your toes 

At risk of stepping on some toes..

If you have ever tried arguing with someone about gun control who is staunchly pro 2A, someone who is against vaccinations, or someone that thinks racism was something that was decided at the conclusion of the civil war and isn't something that is still being dealt with by large swathes of the country on a daily basis.

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