#lucifer & deconstruction 

Today is my 40th Birthday.

Unrelated (?): I’ve been contemplating whether I’m a 4w5 or 5w4.

Any thoughts on what the difference is? Or suggestions on fav. resources for learning more?

10yo: As soon as hover boards come out, I need one.
Me: Sorry, but I’ve been saying that since I was your age, and still no hover boards.
10yo: I have faith in this generation.


Progressive Church in Texas? 

UMC “biblical disobedience” 

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Any Liturgists in the Denver area who would like to advice a temporary immigrant (me) on finding a community while here?
If so, feel free to DM me 😊

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@vishnu Got tongue-tied meeting tonight in OKC! Tried to thank you for kin. And to thank both you and @mike for showing me *my* space. Great show with The Brilliance! Worth those miles driven from CO.


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Video post about suicidality. 

Worship lyrics 

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Is anybody else going to the "End of the World" tour visit in OKC, and perhaps going to the VIP bit up front? I don't know anyone else going, and I'm trying to form some touchpoints to boundary out my anxiety.

Parenting, Sex Ed, Baptist childhood 

Hi, I’m an almost-40 English professor from San Francisco living in Colorado. INFJ Ravenclaw Enneagram 4. Also an ethnic Jew, practicing Christian, democratic socialist, fierce LGBTQ+ advocate. Married to the amazing @bullfrog and raising 2 daughters.

Full disclosure: I Tweet and FB and hadn’t heard of Mastodon until today.

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