#lucifer & deconstruction 

I’ve been watching Lucifer on Netflix. It’s ridiculous, yet I love its take on spirituality, accountability, and free will. This show calls out the human desire to lay blame for our own choices and actions on external forces, as well as the foolishness of presuming to know God (Amenadiel’s self-righteousness, Lucifer’s insistence that everything = his dad meddling).

Final confession: Lucifer and Dr. Linda is my new favorite depiction of therapy on television.

Today is my 40th Birthday.

Unrelated (?): I’ve been contemplating whether I’m a 4w5 or 5w4.

Any thoughts on what the difference is? Or suggestions on fav. resources for learning more?

10yo: As soon as hover boards come out, I need one.
Me: Sorry, but I’ve been saying that since I was your age, and still no hover boards.
10yo: I have faith in this generation.


Our children’s pastor sent an email to all parents asking if any youth would like to be baptized on Easter Sunday. I asked my 10 year old if she was interested and her reply blew me away:

“I’m just not comfortable with the idea of being told there’s this one way to believe in God, and it seems like that’s what Baptism says...here’s *exactly* what I believe. So...pass.”

My kid is so wise. I teared up & wanted to hug her but was driving at the time. We settled on a fist bump.

Progressive Church in Texas? 

My good friends are leaving their non-affirming and are struggling to find an LGBTQ+ accepting church in Katy / Fulshear area (Texas).

Any advice? I told them I’d ask my amazing instance for suggestions.

UMC “biblical disobedience” 

My mom’s church dedicated their service yesterday to inclusivity. The pastor proclaimed that “we will practice biblical disobedience...turning over tables if we have to” against this “shameful decision.” My niece (a queer black woman) was in town visiting and took this picture. It meant so much to her to be there.

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Any Liturgists in the Denver area who would like to advice a temporary immigrant (me) on finding a community while here?
If so, feel free to DM me 😊

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@vishnu Got tongue-tied meeting tonight in OKC! Tried to thank you for kin. And to thank both you and @mike for showing me *my* space. Great show with The Brilliance! Worth those miles driven from CO.


@JennyBee I’ve been thinking of you at the today. I hope you’re finding support and ways to take care of you. Thank you for being there.

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Video post about suicidality. 

I recently gave a talk about my experiences with suicidality and what research tells us about the cognitive and emotional factors behind suicide.

I'm posting it because I think there are better ways to talk about suicide, and more we can do to help people struggling with a desire to end their own lives.


Worship lyrics 

Gearing myself up to ask the worship pastor if we can change the lyrics to Hillsong’s “Passion,” due to an over abundance of penal substitutionary atonement. More of Jesus’ love and less Jesus’ blood, please!

Even with that change, the song contains a lot of questionable imagery: I have a real problem with white Americans singing about their chains being broken.

As we approach Lent and Easter, is it time to give up on singing up front on Sundays?

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Is anybody else going to the "End of the World" tour visit in OKC, and perhaps going to the VIP bit up front? I don't know anyone else going, and I'm trying to form some touchpoints to boundary out my anxiety.

Parenting, Sex Ed, Baptist childhood 

My parents abdicated all responsibility for sex ed to the Baptist Church, so it all boiled down to “boys can’t help being horny, girls should wear one-piece bathing suits, sex is a sin, but when virgins (male/female) get married, the sex is amazing, because God.”

I want my girls to have a healthy, fact-based understanding of sex and of their bodies and of their inherent worth.

How do you talk sex as a parent? What were you taught?


Hi, I’m an almost-40 English professor from San Francisco living in Colorado. INFJ Ravenclaw Enneagram 4. Also an ethnic Jew, practicing Christian, democratic socialist, fierce LGBTQ+ advocate. Married to the amazing @bullfrog and raising 2 daughters.

Full disclosure: I Tweet and FB and hadn’t heard of Mastodon until today.

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