Life is super difficult right now so the fact that I just purchased a mat cutter for 20 bucks and now can cut things in a straight line at my office has me in happy tears. 😭 so many wasted hours, so much wasted paper. Living the few joyous moments in a job you hate life.

Me: I have to find another job
All other jobs: 1 hour away for 20 hrs at $11 per hour
Me: 🙃 that won’t even get me gas to work

Also yes I know the yellow is hard to see. My reverend wanted white letters and he was paying for it 😂

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Twitter trolls 

I was harassed by twitter trolls today for my pro-inclusive umc tweets and I ignored them but on the inside I was like 😎 I’ve got the flu so your opinions are the tiniest problem I’ve had today. Also most of what they said I believe to be theologically inaccurate anyways so it has no weight to me.

I also think it’s interesting that none of trolls that come for me (some are repeats) don’t use an actual picture of themselves but some other image. Like their embarrassed 🤔

We completed our gay doors

The solid color doors says God’s Doors Are Open to all

The Rainbow doors say “We Are Open”

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New idea: change 1 word in every Joel Osteen book to ‘TACO’ - then I’d probably read them!

Your Best Taco Now
Think Taco - Live Better
Every Day A Taco
Wake Up To Taco
Taco In The Darkness

Shout out to optimistic people. I don’t know how you do it but you do it. ❤️ Your pessimistic friends

Mom: I’m proud of how well you’re taking your wallet going missing

Me: *I’m super drunk and she doesn’t know that* oh well thank you. Looks like I’m growning up .

I get to go to an Advocacy day in DC and might get to meet with my senator, the zodiac killer, Ted Cruz. Give me some questions to ask him.

We still have to add the words but we got really excited and put them out for service anyway.

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This morning my daughter asked us what the word "puffy" meant and we honestly had the hardest time putting it into words - best definition for "puffy" without a dictionary - GO

ive got a bee about 3 x 2 inches on my upper thigh. I got it because a bee is one of the symbols I’ve seen associated with bisexuality. It’s reminder for me to love myself as I am and the power and hope I’ve reclaimed by doing that. My next tattoo will be the rebel alliance symbol from Star Wars and will be my reward for graduating from divinity school

We painted some gay doors at church after the Ash Wednesday service 😂 I’m so excited to put them outside ❤️

3 days and 1 late midterm later I feel like I can say I’m a expert on the misuse of Sodom as an example of God being anti-lgbtq. I’m also v v tired

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I almost just spit water every where listening to “if it turned out Jesus and God were anti-gay then I’d be like well i’m supporting the uprising of the devil.” @mike a true ally right there 😂

Hi all, I’m sharing resources for my friends in the UMC that are wanting to make their churches more inclusive (read I’m giving them things so they can /actually/ become more inclusive, not just say they are magically inclusive now). I’ve list Reconciling Ministries, GLSEN, GLAAD, PLFAG, The Trevor Project. I really need more resources for Trans and nonbinary inclusion. If you have anything i’d love to share it.

We almost literally set our church on fire today with all the love for our LGBTQIA community. Each candle represents the prayer of a person from our community for inclusion and for those LGBTQIA persons who feel like they can no longer belong in their churches. The box set on fire more than once.

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