@dfaulkner it’s so tough. So sorry for your loss as well, praying for your comfort. ❤️

Today is my moms birthday, we lost her to cancer in 2018 and the void she left is so deep. One of my favorite pics of us, I can’t wait to see her again. I miss her warmth and so many things I can’t even name.

Hope all my Houston peeps are home safe. Today was devastating for some of my friends. So many others were impacted. I feel for those who were flooded by Harvey and now this.

The greatest gift a friend has ever given me. By the way, sending gifts to a friends work address is the best. ♥️♥️

So glad to be on vacay...slowing down to a snails pace is very hard... but trying. View helps

Wondering if we can change Houston to, Humidity City. So hot...can’t even. 😩

Drunk History is on. It’s giving me life. On a Tuesday.

Hey y’all.. can someone recommend a meditation dealing with grief? This season of loss continues for me.
Lost my mom and now going through a divorce. At peace with the divorce. But not the grief. Thank you in advance. ❤️

Excited to be here with y’all!! Love from Houston 💙 Hope I did this right. Haha

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