Here we go then. These are the 5 books selected for the first

All About Love by Bell Hooks

New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr

Hildegard of Bingen: Selections From Her Writings

Please reply to this toot indicating which book you would like us to read. The book with the most mentions will be selected for reading and discussion. I will stop counting mentions in a couple of days.

@Jeremy Given that All About Love by bell hooks (not capitalized) is sitting on a shelf behind me and is already on my "to read" list, I would pick that one. Not sure if I'll jump into a book club, but intrigued.

@Jeremy I vote Everything Belongs because I've been meaning to read some Richard Rohr but haven't yet. Thanks for kicking things off!

@Jeremy everything belongs...... because I already have it and haven’t read it

@Jeremy I've heard great things about The Divine Conspiracy. I found a copy for $1 at a thrift store, but I haven't read it yet (sooo many books, sooo little time). 😁

@Jeremy Yes it is, although I'm also leaning towards the Merton book... so many good choices!

@Jeremy I know I'm in the right place because I'd love to read any of them! But if I were forced to pick one, I'd go w/ New Seeds. Will definitely join in whichever wins the vote.


Everything belongs

Although all look good and any of them I would be interested in reading.

@Jeremy I vote All About Love for . This year I’m trying to be ever so intentional in choosing to read works by women of color. Thank you for doing this! 📖 🤓

@sarahwright No worries 😀 I hope it is fun and something that helps to gel this community together.

@Jeremy @sarahwright Full disclosure: I mostly chose Divine Conspiracy because I already have a copy. 😬

@sarahwright @Jeremy Good point Sarah. I like the idea of intentionally using this book group to expand my awareness.

@Jeremy I’m pulling for Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr, but all of them sound amazing.

@Jeremy Everything Belongs... but all of them would be of interest to me. ❤

@Jeremy I vote Divine Conspiracy due to availability of copies and the fact that I haven't read Willard in years!

Is it allowed to also log a vote for Everything Belongs for an interested friend who's not yet tooting?

@Jeremy I think I maybe have New Seeds of Contemplation already, but haven't read it yet. I'd like to maybe do the Rohr, though.

@andyvandergriff Is that the way folks can vote in the US. I’ve been wondering about recent developments ... 😄

@Jeremy In certain municipalities, they do have a ranked election system. If memory serves, they had that in San Francisco when I lived there, but I still carried my TN residency so didn't vote out there.

@Jeremy Not sure if I'll be able to read along, but I'd choose bell hooks.

@Jeremy All About Love has my vote, but I’ll be reading no matter what is chosen.

The Divine Conspiracy

I'm coming in new to the language and amateur to the ideas, so that seems like the best place to start from these.

@Jeremy bell hooks All About Love. But I def want to read all of these and feel sheepish I haven’t read a one

@Jeremy There are some good choices here, but I vote for All About Love, bell hooks.

@Jeremy My choice is bell hooks' all about love. Excited no matter which book is selected, though

@Jeremy HILDEGARD because we should learn about the women who contributed the formation of spiritual practice and that’s the one most likely to be new for almost everyone

@Jeremy I'm down for Hildegard. But I haven't read any of these, so I'm happy with whatever.

@Jeremy I'd probably choose with Merton but would be to start with any!

@Jeremy I've been wanting to read some bell hooks so that's my vote!

I vote Everything Belongs because I own it but haven't read it, but have had Divine Conspiracy and New Seeds of Contemplation on my list for a while as well

@Jeremy man that's a damn fine list can we just read through them all? I have the workbook for the divine conspiracy if we plan on something like that.

@Er3mos There’s another 51 books on the long list. I figure we could just keep adding books to the list and randomly select five from it every month. The list could act as a stand-alone reading resource.

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